Hockey Camps

At Bob Acton Sports, our Holiday and Summer Hockey Camps combine hockey skills with the convenience of an all-day program with late pickup times to provide a great experience for our students. There are two sessions for a total of three hours of on-ice training, including a camp scrimmage. Other sports activities and dryland training will round out our program.

"Beaches Best Hockey Program"

Christmas Camps/March Break

Hockey Camp


Class Skill Levels

 (Starting at Age 4)


Teaching Focus: Learning to skate techniques, stopping, balance, C-cuts and basic stick handling.

(Based on skill level)


Teaching Focus: Lengthening of skating stride, forward and backward stride development, edge work, cross overs, pivoting, puck control, advanced stick handling and more.

(Based on skill level)


Teaching Focus: Skating explosiveness and acceleration with puck, edge control, drills to improve strength, agility, shot power and accuracy, advanced stick handling and more in-game applicable drills.

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS on camp purchases. If you need to cancel a camp, a credit will be offered if cancellation is requested prior to seven days of event. Credit will be available for six months from purchase date. The summer camps are purchased as a 5-day package and individual days can't be purchased. No credit will be be available for missing a day of camp regardless of when the cancellation is made.

March Break
Hockey Camp


Monday, March 11

Tuesday, March 12

Wednesday, March 13

Thursday, March 14

Friday, March 15

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm



$100 a day

$200 for 3 days (Wed.-Friday)

$20/day extra for late pickup


Ted Reeve Bubble

8:30AM: All Instructors arrive/Player Dropoff

9:00AM – 9:30AM: Wake and Warm Up – Dryland training

9:30AM-10:00AM: Dressing room

10:00AM – 11:00AM*: Ice session #1 (Power Skating, Shooting, Agility Cone drills, Competition)

11:30AM – 12:30PM: Snack (Bring own)/Camp store/Mini stick hockey/Hockey tutorial movies

12:30PM – 1:15PM: Lunch (Pizza provided on Fridays) Hockey tutorial video

1:15PM – 2:00PM – Down time/Dressing room

1:30PM – 3:00 PM*: Ice Session #2 (Battle Drills, Skills Competition, Camp Scrimmage)

3:00PM – 4:00PM: Snack, Mini Stick game or dryland training

4:00PM: Pick up


* Ice time can vary.